Writing, editing and research


I have always been a fan of clear communication but I was an amateur until I took a job writing diplomatic telegram on bilateral relations for ministers at the British Embassy where I learned from the masters. Aware of competing demands on a minister’s time and attention, diplomats would edit our drafts ruthlessly, restructuring paragraphs and slashing adjectives, before sending them back for more work. This game of word ping-pong would continue for hours, sometimes days, with one objective: to allow busy ministers to take in important information and make decisions quickly. Telegrams had a punchy title and were in an easy-to-read font. The summary signposted the reader to the policy lead, any action required, key dates and other essential information. If they wanted to know more, they could read on.

These days my focus has turned to local government. Councillors have a tough job in these challenging times. In addition to their political responsibilities and the ever-growing volume of case work from constituents, most have full-time jobs and families. That’s where I come in. The political landscape is always shifting and you need to be ready to hit the ground running the moment an election is called. I monitor social media posts and arrange regular check-ins with clients to keep abreast of their case-load and campaigns so their materials are ready to go to the printers within hours of the announcement. Worried your words don’t do your work justice? I can help.


I am a merciless editor and slash through forests of word salad for fun. I thrive on tackling challenging subject matter and conduct intensive research to familiarise myself with specialist concepts and terminology

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